About Me . . .

Hello, my name is Haley Mills. I am an aspiring physical education teacher in my Junior year at South Alabama. I hope to graduate in May of 2011. I am looking forward to working in the field of physical education as I enjoyed physical activity and sports during school and I would like to help my future students feel the same way. I have found in my courses that education is a very involved career choice. At South, I have taken courses that will help with classroom management skills as well as learning about my content area.

Google Tools

As I read on Dr. Strange's Professional blog, using Google tools is a great skill for us all to practice. Below is a list of things that I can see any teacher using google tools for.
1. Working on word processing documents such as lesson plans and tests from any computer or personal computing device while sitting in traffic or working behind a desk.
2. Creating tests using google forms and having the spreadsheet gather data for keeping up with scores and information from others.
3. Creating forms for parents to offer feedback.
4. Email, email, email.
5. Sharing lessons and content with other teachers.

Philosophy of Teaching -

Being confident that I have given each student the best opportunity for the best education every day of the school year would be a great way to end each year as a teacher. How do you do that, though, year end and year out? A combination of many factors makes a great teacher.

First, be proud of the teaching profession itself. Being a teacher is a career with great intrinsic reward. It is a job that is credentialed by universities and colleges and respected by members of your community. The teaching profession allows one the chance to not just receive the benefit of employment, but also allows one the opportunity to positively affect lives.

Maintaining a high level of professionalism will help to make you a great teacher. How you look, write, talk and work reflect on yourself, your administration and your school. A teacher should be the best role model for a good work ethic for all students. Being punctual, appearing professionally dressed, using correct and appropriate grammar when writing and talking and respecting co-workers creates an example of professionalism that your students will always remember.

Being a life-long learner of new and innovative ideas, creating lessons that are expressive and interesting and continuing a passion for your chosen content area will help to make you the best teacher that you can be. You can work on this daily by reading professional journals, being open to new technology and modeling teachers that are successful will help to make you a better teacher.

Lastly, treating students with respect and compassion is crucial to being successful in the classroom. Students deserve teachers that view them with no preconceived ideas, no discerning manner and no personal agenda. Treat students respectfully and in most cases the respect will be returned.

Strive to be accountable to yourself first, and then be accountable to your students. The teacher that makes a concerted effort every day to positively affect the lives of students will in most cases be successful.

Organization, management and planning as a teacher

I know that a good teacher is one that organizes daily lessons, manages student behavior and creates appropriate lesson plans for the classroom.

Good organizational skills is a must have for PE teachers. Keeping up with equipment, organizing a classroom setting that could possibly include a a gym or workout room and maintaining inventory is just a short list of the things I will need to do. I know that my personal organizational skills will help jumpstart me to be an organized teacher.

I believe that managing student behavior in the physical education classroom will be so important. From what I remember and from what I hear other teachers referring to, an organized teacher with good lesson plans is less likely to have behavior issues. I know that the more experienced you are with managing students, the better you will become. I hope that what I can do is use whatever I have learned to be proactive in this area. Be sure to meet whatever problems I have in the classroom before they get too far out of hand.

Lesson planning is a critical part of teaching that sets the pace of the classroom. A PE teacher that chooses from a variety of teaching styles, offers varied and active activities and allows room for change when necessary will be one that is most successful. Keeping in mind that different age groups and abilities need different lesson plans makes a vareity of teaching styles most important. Considering factors such as skill development, activity appropriateness, class size and equipment and facilities will drive the lesson.

Maintaining a positive attitude

A positive attitude is a great asset to anyone building a new career, especially to a new teacher. I believe that a great attitude will positively affect how students, co-workers and a school's administration will respond to you.

No one wants to work with someone that has a poor attitude because it can become contagious and negatively affect co-workers. A poor attitude lowers morale for a school's faculty and staff within any school which can trickle down to student behavior, grades and attitude as well.

Having a good attitude will have an opposite reaction within a school. A teacher with a good attitude will approach his/her job with enthusiasm. A good attitude will help positively affect a school's faculty and administration. This hopefully will lead to student's being more successful.

I want to always try to maintain a positive attitude about my students, school and content area. I know it will be hard to do, but it is necessary to be a good teacher.

Using Technology as a Tool

Technology is changing most aspects of school administration and classroom teaching. The use of technology should be an everyday occurrence in the school setting. A teacher that is open to the use of technology will find that students and parents will respond positively to the enhancements that technology allows.

Learning - Technology opens the door for teachers to learn new concepts and refresh ideas within most content areas. Books, web sites, online collaborative postings offer many opportunities for teachers to learn and expand their content base of knowledge with ease. In addition, further education in an online setting makes additional degrees while employed more convenient.

Communicating – Open communication with parents, peers, co-workers, administration and students is technology’s greatest use. Email, blogs, web sites and social networks allows the exchange of information between all interested parties.
Production – Technology can be used to create work products for the classroom, maintain student information and grades through school administrative software and utilize tools such as white boards, computers and web access for delivery of lesson plans.

As a teacher, I plan to utilize what I have learned in this class such as blogs and PLN’s to keep up to date on new technologies and information beneficial to myself and my students.